Lowongan PT. Freeport Indonesia Nopember 2012

Lowongan PT. Freeport Indonesia Nopember 2012

PT. Freeport Indonesia, due to growth in our business this Foreign owned Manufacturing company requires:

Mechanical Engineering (Code. GDP 2012 #50)

1. Implement 3 years development period to improve GDP participants’ skill and capability compliance with company’s policies and procedures.
2. Perform job rotation and develop specific skills in specific jobs in order to meet the professional requirements of their specific fields under the supervision of appointed Department Mentor.
3. Obtain understanding of KRA set for GDP participants in accordance with PTFI Performance Management System.
4. Provide and submit weekly report to mentors and GDP coordinator as information and a tool to assess GDP progress and agility.
5. Coordinate, discuss, and agreed with mentors on a project topic to be carried on by individual GDP participant after 6 months GDP participants’ participation in the program to ensure proposed project is presentable in the assigned section or department.
6. Perform annual presentation on project and/or GDP participants’ progress as a proposed improvement and/or information to relevant section or department.
7. Demonstrate PTFI core competencies, ability to define problem and propose solution to problems as well as implementation plan from the above project and report.

- University Degree (S1/S2), maximum 2 years after graduation year
- GPA Min 2.8
- Maximum age 30 years
- Relevant major: Mechanical Engineering

DESIGNER, ENG. TEKLA JS #1 (Ref. ID – 34527)

Prepare, produce, and run the drawing process to ensure the quality, productivity and no re-work including train the draftsman to ensure the achievement of the customers’ need and requirements within the time frame according to company’s policies and achieve the quality and efficiency.

Job Responsibility :
1. Prepare, produce, and run the drawing process to ensure the quality, productivity and no re-work in the process is
achieve the company target and according with International Standard.
2. Assist superior in analyze and develop a sketch from verbal request of engineer to be used for further process
of drawing.
3. Provide suggestion or input to superior in drawing process that able to result in cost deduction and or other point of view.
4. Provide reporting to superior, including man-hours activity in order to inform the status of every assigned duties from superior.
5. Cooperate with other discipline to smooth the project by confirmation and coordination about the related matter of the project.
6. Assist and train the draftsman to be more professional
and competent in their duties.
The key challenges in this position include:
° Prepare the drawing details with reference sketch from superior.
° Translate the verbal things to be drawn.
° To be able to see and read the drawing result from other discipline.
° Advice client and engineer for any cost deduction and other suggestion related.
Core Competencies (Knowledge, Skills and Characters)
° Code of Drafting.
° English TOIEC 400.
° AutoCad 3 Dimension.
° Computer Skill, especially for MS Office.

The key areas in which you have decision-making responsibility are:
° N/A.
° Annual operating budget is US $200,000 per year.
° Number of projects to be handled per year is 120 projects.
° Number of drawings to be produced per year is 150 drawings/year.

The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are:
Minimum Education and Experience
° D3 with 6 years experience at oil gas and industry or equivalent education and experience

The Company offers very attractive terms of employment, including salary and benefit package to successful candidates.

Should you interest please follow this link :

PT. Freeport Indonesia

PT. Freeport Indonesia
Expired :  01 December 2012
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted further

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