Lowongan Kerja PT Conoco Otomotif-Staff Tingkat SMA/SMK

Job Opportunity in Jakarta Selatan PT Conoco Otomotif

Lowongan Kerja Juli SMA 2014:PT Conoco Otomotif is currently recruiting dynamic, qualified and high self motivated personnel to be part of our great team, with the following available positions


  • Maximal age 26 years
  • SMA / SMK’S minimal education
  • Body high minimal (p ) 165 cm & (w ) 155 cm
  • More Fresh graduate is accentuated / experienced maximal 2 years
  • Are not bonded contract / college
  • Having islandic sign card (KTP) Jakarta / region that stills to apply
  • Following interview’s step, written test, psikotest, health test and another test that qualified by firm
  • Attaching home phone number and handphone what do can be contacted, permanent address, and email address for writ (last address, postal code)

Job Description

  • Bringing off acceptance, dispatch, handle, and storage all goods, product, and ingoing stockpiling and sticking out and firm barn
  • Bringing off dispatch to customer and customer expectation pock
  • Managing layout and room at barn to prevent loss or damage, and to reach optimasi full barn
  • Looking after stock by undertaking physical extrapolation each month; looking for tofu and equals data that variably; inserting data.
  • Develop and / or upholds firm policy hit security and safety to keep Iingkungan safe job.
  • Keeping company barn employee, via delegation talks shop, arranging training, giving performance evaluation report, increasing discipline and disconnection work relation if is perceived needs
  • Ensuring day-to-day operational work walking with lancer and efisien

If you are interested in taking up above challenging career with good remuneration, send a detailed resume with a recent photo to:

Panitia Penerimaan Karyawan, PT. Conoco Otomotif
Via e-mail : personalia@conoco-otomotif.com
PT. Conoco Otomotif
Perkantoran Lintas Raya No. 22 Amos Cozy Kebayoran Baru Jaksel 12160
Or to : PO BOX 1264 JKS 12012
Website: http://conoco-otomotif.com/
Telephone No.: 021-36209058
Lowongan Kerja Juli SMA PT Conoco Otomotif deadline 13 Agustus 2014

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